A Good Laugh

Let’s all laugh. It’s infectious, heartwarming and welcomed. At any time during a conversation. Throw a joke, a comment that grabs attention, a statement that has everyone doing the same action. Laughing with our hearts together as one. Today I was pleasantly taken by surprise. I walked into a room with the most delightful patient. She was on fire. Exploding with one comment after another like she was doing a standup comedy or as she said it “I’d prefer to sit down”. It was my turn to laugh. She had me reeling with laughter till I almost cried. My turn to be entertained. I loved her spirit, her joy, her courage to laugh, to face her cancer head on and to live life fully. She told me of her preparations for her holidays, of her family that was coming of the adventures she will have with cooking, food and sleeping bags.

I needed that laugh. It removes my callous nature when faced with the extremes of this disease. Like a massage removing the tense conversations after a long day. Helping me fall asleep relieved and relaxed. Yes it makes a difference to us all in the field. To be able to laugh with you about such an ordeal. For you to see that as a way to connect and share your thoughts and secrets. You amaze me. Your insecurities and our inefficiencies the food for our amusement. But you make it happen. You add the spark. You allow me to build on the fun of it. And you share with ease your feelings about how when faced with such an adversary that you laugh. I have only you to thank for that.

I love it when I was told “I’m 3 years disease free now, I am glad you have me to feel good about your day”. And I do feel good about that. That you all are out there, showing me the positives of our fight; that you exist. It’s like you better exist, how else could I be who I am? So I urge you, make fun of me, laugh with your heart, share with your smiles and come together as one. And if you really need to just give me a punch, you know the one I promise; I would never punch back. It’s my way of sharing with you the ability to overcome your greatest fear, of being left alone to deal with this disease.

You are definitely not alone. You are family, thank you for making me find laughter even in the midst of the hardest time. For that I hope you soar, high and you roll in laughs as you fight your battle against something that can never take that away from who you are.


5 thoughts on “A Good Laugh

  1. See, you are awesome and a superstar just like me!! God Bless you for making our journey easier and for allowing us to laugh while so many would not find the humor or the joy. I was blessed to have been led your way and I am blessed every day for knowing you. Thank you for all you do and remember, take care of you! Tammy (Tamara) S.

  2. Mo,
    I know I am your biggest fan and I am late getting my comment on here but you know I am not feeling so hot lately but here I go…
    I love this blog this time.. I do like how you always try to make us laugh when we come to see you.. you always leave the room trying to smile and laugh at either Johns comments or mine.. (usually Johnny Bs..) He is why I married him and I don’t know what I would do without him through all of this.
    I love that you have a sense of humor as a doctor especially in the field your into. It has to be so hard to face the bad that comes out of cancer.
    But you are special Mo.. I am so very lucky to have you in my corner to help me fight this disease… I hope you and your family have a nice holiday
    and I hope 2014 is such a better year for myself and your patients..

  3. Yep, works for us!
    While we’re battling MS and not cancer, your observations are right on target. My wife has been in a nursing home for over eight years, left paralyzed by the disease except for some limited use of her left hand. But we still laugh until the tears come, and, thanks to Public Radio we fill our ears and souls with nurturing classical music, “Wouldn’t you simply die without Mahler?” [Terms of Endearment] and a rotation of three excellent “therapy” cats, most affectionate and well behaved, who delight not only us, but whomever wanders by in need of affectionating. And there’s a little bit of faith in there too – we are both well-churched “liberal” Lutherans. And most glad we have each other.
    Wonder if that woman you wrote of would agree to accompany you on your rounds? Good medicine, that!

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