Blog Holiday!

Dear friends,

I have enjoyed writing to you every week on my blog. We have had a few guest bloggers as well and the feedback from all of you has been great. This week I will not be blogging and will start doing that every 2 weeks with an occasional guest blogger jumping in on a break. Some of my patients would say “ Mo , you just needed a blog holiday” and I guess I am finally listening.

Take Care


3 thoughts on “Blog Holiday!

  1. Mo,
    I will miss your blogs every week but I to understand. You need a break. Besides your brilliant mind needs to reboot every once in awhile. I told you you would become so popular in the melanoma world and my wish has probably came true. You are such a gift to us Mo we will all understand and look forward to your next blog whether it be every two weeks or once a month
    We will all be here waiting for our amazing doctor of science..
    Claire Barnhouse ♥

  2. Good for you….we will look forward to you notes no matter how often you share them…people forget that those of us that are caregivers need to care for ourselves sometimes .

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