I just reread this ….I am touched too by what I write. Your comments have all made me feel special…..really….I am just that idiot passing through


“I didn’t know I could talk to you” he said to me in the clinic today. We hugged and he sat down, “It happened so fast.” We were both fighting back some tears. “She was an amazing woman” I chimed, trying to find the right footing as we talked.

It was the end of my clinic and a family came to see me to find closure in the care of their loved one. This is a side of me that is very private and my voice is sharing this with you. My heart is not.  It is a rare event that I come full circle and have a chance to talk about someone who lived.

What is important to me in the closure of a patient who passes? I’ll share this intimate detail with you now.

When patients cross my path on their extraordinary journey, I deal with their cancer…

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2 thoughts on “Closure.

  1. “Perhaps our medical system should have a closure visit built into the system to allow physicians a chance to heal from wounds that sometimes make us appear indifferent or callous”
    This statement says it all. Wouldn’t it be nice it that was a possibility. Thank you for all that you do.

  2. Thank you for your honesty and openness. Even though I don’t know you, I feel the warmth and compassion from your blog. Your patients are so lucky. If only the healthcare system were made up of “Mo’s”

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