Today was the annual Tips for Tad fundraiser at Pints in Davenport, Iowa. This event honors the life of the late Tad Agnew and raises money for my melanoma research program. I made an appearance and said a few words. I’m re-blogging my post from last year about Tad in case you missed it. He was truly unforgettable.




He was very young and it had recurred in his brain. Tad was playing on his computer when I walked into the room. He looked healthy, his eyes bright and beaming with intelligence. I sat across from him in the old cancer center and he asked me question after question. I connected with him instantly and we talked. He always came alone, never accompanied by anyone. I respected his independence. He looked things up on the internet brought them to my attention. My melanoma program was young then and new therapies were still not available. It was hard to tell him about death, to share with him the lack of treatments available and to tell about how clinical trials work. He took it all in and shared with me that he would like to try something. He participated in a trial only offered here in Iowa. He became an instant…

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One thought on “Tad

  1. Thanks! It’s really refreshing to know that our doctors care on a deep level, sometimes it’s easy to feel like just another patient, but you obviously care very much. Thanks for all you do!

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