Cancer interrupts lives. It takes away from our present moment like a thief, stealing what was dismissed but is really precious. This is what she taught me when she came to see me today. I share with you an old blog. Muffled are the voices around me.


This is a difficult blog for many reasons that I will not divulge. But I will take you to where I am. 

Immerse your head under water at a poolside. Around the pool you can hear the loudness of all the people around you. You dip your head to dive beneath the water. As you dive deeper these voices fade and become muffled. Submerged you know there is something out there but you are unable to understand it.  There is some security in not being able to hear exactly what is being said. In the water you feel somehow protected, but vulnerable because of this perceived security. Those standing outside the pool talking about you, trying to explain complexity to you. You hear a little but you choose to stay secure. This is where my patients go when they are diagnosed. When what I say to them does not quite…

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One thought on “Muffled.

  1. Tom loved your blogs—I think he read them all…..Since I am not computer friendly, I have had to learn everything on my own or with the help of my 8th grade grandson……I just happened upon this. Tom loved you all…from the receptionist, to the blood draw team, Wendy, but most of all you and Michelle My thanks to you all….it’s hard after loving someone 58 years to let them go and, as my kids say,” Be Brave” but I’m trying. P

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