To the moon!

We’re sharing a blog post written by the director of the Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center, Dr. George Weiner. Tomorrow Dr. Weiner will be in Washington DC, as a guest of Vice President Joe Biden, to attend the Cancer Moonshot Summit. Back here in Iowa City, we will host a satellite summit that can be followed live through the HCCC Facebook page. This summit is just the start to what might be the best chance our nation has of ending cancer as we know it.

“Mo, what’s your cancer moonshot?”

IMG_2328 edit

“My moonshot is for us to remove cancer from the human race and
put me out of business.”


About a year ago, I blogged about “going to the moon” as a metaphor for cancer research. More recently, the phrase “cancer moonshot” has taken on new meaning. In his state-of-the-union address, President Obama charged Vice President Biden with refocusing the nation’s effort on cancer and cancer research. To quote the President – “Vice President…

via Cancer moonshot – all systems “go” — Holden the Line on Cancer

6 thoughts on “To the moon!

  1. It’s great to get an email from you,it’s been awhile!!! Love this!!! Hope all is well with you and your family!!!

  2. Wow…this made my day. I’ve really missed your blog and was so happy when I read my email and it included this message. Keep up the great work you do. Thank you for everything you do!

  3. Mo, So happy I’m getting your blogs again, for a long time I wasn’t getting them and I’m not sure why but keep ’em coming!! Diane Yates Hudson 🙂

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