May is Melanoma Awareness Month

Dear Friends,

May 1st kicks off Melanoma Awareness Month. Guest bloggers will take over my blog on May 7th, 14th and 21st and share their stories of melanoma. I will wrap up Melanoma Awareness Month by blogging on May 28th. Monday, May 5th is Melanoma Monday and the American Academy of Dermatology asks that we all wear black to bring awareness of this disease. Take a photo of yourself and upload it to my Facebook page, Melanoma Iowa, on Monday to show your support.

Stay out of trouble


5 thoughts on “May is Melanoma Awareness Month

  1. Mo,
    I will do this Monday to spread awareness. I’m glad to see you on here blogging again!
    I can say that for many of my Melanomie friends that we’ve missed you.
    Thank you Mo,
    My amazing Doctor of Science!🤓
    Claire Barnhouse 🤓

  2. Toby and I will wear black on May 5 and do everything we can to stay away from your clinic (and I mean that lovingly)! Thanks for everything you do each day Mo!

  3. Mo,
    Glad you’re doing this! I am a Melanoma survivor as well as a two time breast cancer survivor. I’d like to know if you will be covering the fact that communities of color need to also know about the importance of screening for skin cancer and usage of sun block. I am of Latino descent with olive tone skin color and had a small mole which started to change in color then size. I was diagnosed at stage 0 because of my seeing a dermatologist as soon as I saw these changes. Today I not only work within the breast and ovarian cancer fields, but also volunteer presenting my story about melanoma at various events and also within magazine articles. Everyone needs to become aware of their bodies so that they can catch any changes. That’s why I became an advocate in English and Espanol!

    1. Ivis

      This is an excellent thought and something not well represented in discussions. I agree that we should stress the importance of not to dismiss changes in any mole in any skin color. Your voice as an advocate has been heard. Thank you for bringing this to the attention of the melanoma community.


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